2009 in a chambered nautilus

Posted on: 2 January 2010

In January, I accidentally attended a seminar that sneakily turned out to be seventh-day adventist propaganda. Now that was interesting. Critical thought and common sense, oh, and reading in context … just a few of my favourite things.

February involved an incredible trip to Honduras and Guatemala for light orphanage work. I finally saw fireflies! And was bitten by fire ants. And had my ear licked by a kinkachu. And acquired a sponsor child.

March was about getting back to business, attending workshops and handling Kevin’s admin. I began tutoring chemistry 11.

Drove to Seattle to see Vienna Teng at the Triple Door in April.

The AGCF leadership retreat occurred in May. It was the month of the cyclical rainbow.

In June I tagged along to the MDRT conference in Indianapolis, generally taking up hotel space and playing the Sims II during sessions.

Kevin and I house-sat for my parents for two weeks in July, while everyone left for China. I watched David’s amano shrimp give birth.

People trickled back from overseas in August. We took our youth tent camping at Sunnyside on Cultus Lake to commemorate the end of summer.

September saw me return to school for a degree in music, a turn of events I affectionately blame on my sister-in-law.

I coasted through classes in October; if only UBC had been this painless.

Actually, the past two months were lax because everything was due in November. Lesson learned.

December was a flurry of delicious meals and delightful friends, sleeplessness and laughter. No snow, however.


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