flower of elysium

Posted on: 6 January 2010

One of my hang-ups about launching a blog is finding the right name for it, one that is aesthetically pleasing both aurally and visually. Since what I eventually settled on is just an arbitrary offshoot of “asphodel,” it follows that I would check out the pre-existing, because I’m curious that way.

Turns out it’s some girl’s weight loss journal! The writing is quite good, so I read it through.

It made me sad.

Maybe it’s the weight of living under such an inferiority complex, the lengths people will go in pursuit of a particular image. How satisfaction comes from rigorous self-denial and simple pleasures bring guilt.

The last entry is dated almost three years ago. I hope you haven’t given up. Whoever you are, whether or not you reach your desired weight, I hope you’ve learned to feel beautiful in your own skin.


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