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I’ve been product managing for the creative and performing arts sector of the olympics-related More Than Gold initiative. One perk is the exposure to so many lesser-known but extravagantly gifted musicians and dancers. Mainstream doesn’t know what it’s missing!

Ran into Jacob Moon while heading backstage. This man has mastery of the guitar and looper like no one else I’ve seen. Great voice, too. Plus he’s cute and has a song called “Sara” … two bonus points.

I wasn’t familiar with SONSOFDAY, although the name rang a bell. They’re three brothers based in Oregon, originally from the Ukraine. We chatted backstage, two of them said “I love you” in Cantonese, I scored a free CD and was told to listen to the last track, which is apparently popular in Asia.

Mainstream doesn’t know what it’s missing.

I envy prolific artists, the ones who seem to be an endless fount of lyrical and melodic ideas. Honestly, the only time songwriting has ever been effortless for me was when I sucked at it.

So, some recently acquired wisdom from a professional in the field: “Write, even when you aren’t inspired. It builds muscle for the times that you are.”