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When the bus pulls up, it sprays dust into my eyes. The driver, who looks rather disheveled and hungover, apologizes.

Then, he whizzes right past my stop. I didn’t even pull the cord; someone else did. But he misses the next one too. Someone shouts, “HEY!” from the back. The bus driver doesn’t seem to hear.

Finally, two stops after the one I wanted, he pulls over and I get off. As the scenario mulls in my head, I think, I could have said this or done that, why didn’t I?

Whenever something like this actually happens, why am I always all, Oh, that’s alright, I’m perfectly fine, no problem, it’s a nice day, I don’t mind walking?

Today I awoke to the following text message on my cell phone: “I had hotpot with A and B, X and Y. All they did was argue. I wondered why they were botherin’ to be couples?”

In a similar vein, Kevin’s father has been noticeably more cheerful, relaxed, and industrious this week. Before, he’d always been careful to stay out of the way. Now he offers to run errands, exclaims excitedly over grocery deals, compliments Sally and me on our culinary efforts.

I’m not sure what to make of this … except, why bother to marry when you’ll only be happier without your spouse?

My mother-in-law is catching a red-eye flight to Taiwan tonight. She could be away for as long as a year.

There are many things I admire and respect about Kevin’s mother. Her story hasn’t been a particularly easy or happy one. But she’s raised three responsible, conscientious children. She’s also an excellent cook and keeps the house in a constant state of spotlessness.

Sure, I vacuum and wash dishes and do laundry, but she’s the one who really keeps the place running. And feeds us. I’ve probably been thoroughly spoiled.

Which is why her absence may just be the best thing to happen to me since I married Kevin, in terms of my personal growth. It’s about ownership, I think. Not that this house will ever really feel like mine, but as long as someone else has everything taken care of, I’ll never get around to learning the ropes of – dare I say it – homemaking? Especially now that I’m kind of back in school.

Anyway, we’ll see how this goes. There are still five people living here, after all.