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I used to write fiction, various short stories and the beginnings of epic novels I never had the patience to finish. Some of those fragments are still floating around in my notebooks and hard drives.

Yesterday I came across a character sketch written six years ago. I was eighteen. One of the lines made me bust out laughing. It was one in which I described a certain man as being “no longer young, perhaps in his late twenties.”

“Late twenties” is “no longer young”?


ace pack

Posted on: 21 April 2010

S: I have a four-pack.

K: I have a one-pack.

S: I win.

K: No, I win. My ace trumps your four.

I finished my music history paper on Chinese opera around midnight last night. Writing up the appendix took another hour or so, along with topping up my required six hours of listening to the genre.

There was also a quiz on rock and urban music to speed-study for. By the time I hit the bed, there was so much data swirling around behind my eyelids that I COULDN’T SLEEP.

And then Kevin’s alarm woke me up at 4:50.

And when my alarm rang at 6:30, I turned it off. So by the time I got up it was 7:15. Which means I’d miss my usual bus. And in Surrey, most of the busses come in ridiculous half-hour increments.

Long story short, I caught the later one and still made it in time for class. Because when I arrived seven minutes late, it hadn’t started yet.


Posted on: 2 April 2010

I want to reach a place where I can genuinely rejoice in the successes of others.

Without feeling intimidated by their abilities. Without their talents threatening my own self-confidence. Without making a mental note to outdo them later.