the golden coast

Posted on: 11 July 2010

San Francisco and Fremont, California. Kevin and me. Fifteen young’uns, ages twelve to twenty two, under our guardianship.

The palm trees and stubbly barren hills. The unrelenting sunshine and cold evening breeze.

Figuring out the Bay Area transit system. Tricky because the bus drivers don’t seem to know anything outside of their own routes and kept giving contradictory information! They were friendly, though.

Squishing five tall, lanky guys in a room with one king-sized bed.

Wishing there weren’t TVs in the hotel rooms. Teens are so easily distracted by moving images. They also like to shop. A lot. But they’re surprisingly thrifty too.

Late-night cooking fiascos, trying to pack lunch and dinner for the following conference day. Sharing certain essentials (salt, dish detergent, the good knife) among three separate groups. Sending errand people after said items.

Sleep deprivation. I think I averaged five hours per night? Watching everyone struggle to stay awake during the sessions. Struggling to stay awake during sessions.

The epic cooking contest, won by room 217 with their made-from-scratch bacon pineapple burgers.

How we were struck down one by one, at one point or another, with assorted minor ailments … a sore throat here, dizziness there. Until only FOUR out of seventeen were left unaffected. (I was one! David another. Where are your immune systems?)


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