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Posted on: 29 October 2010

I thought I’d missed the bus and would have to wait half an hour for the next one. But no! It pulled up to the stop only minutes after I did!

WIN 001. When you think you’re late, but the bus is later.


1. My immune system. It kicks ass. Flu season, I’m ready for you.

2. The atypical warmth and sunshine we’ve had lately. It’s raining now, but I was wearing shorts in late September!

3. Pinyin, my lifeline when it comes to reading or singing in Mandarin.

4. My husband, who randomly blends tall glasses of fruit smoothies and ice cream milkshakes. He also cooks excellent instant noodles. He is also cuddly.

5. Nonsense words like ploshty and xenthophyllis and schmoof.

6. The fact that I’m still able to use Sibelius on my mac even though the thirty-day trial period ended months ago. As long as I finish my projects in one sitting, because I can no longer save anything.

7. The men in my life. They are top-notch.

8. My wooden katana, reverse blade, and throwing knives. Now for a space in which to practice.

9. Variety and equilibrium.