facebook status collection 2010

Posted on: 2 January 2011

(Jan/25) has scraps of song ghosting through her consciousness but CAN’T QUITE CATCH THEM.

This hasn’t really changed. I need to start carrying a notebook in my pocket or something.

(Feb/28) is ridin’ this citywide exuberance.

We watched the men’s hockey gold medal game with the youth, all crowded around a laptop in the church office. I think I screamed when Crosby scored that goal. Afterwards a bunch of us decided, spur of the moment, to go downtown. I have seen Vancouver pulsate, and it was good.

(Mar/03) could totally live in the studio, it is that awesome.

My baby – “Higher Ground” – was born. To date it’s probably the only song I’ve finished that I’m not totally embarrassed about. It’s hard going back to SM-58s when you’ve sung into a $7500 tube mic.

(Apr/23) wants lebenstraum.

And I still do! Theory kept me busy analyzing Bach chorales and drawing armies of abnormally tall snowmen. (Eleventh chords, anyone? Thirteenth?)

(May/09) fears being a jack of all trades, master of none.

This feels like a blog entry for another day.

(Jun/21) is travelling along an orthogonal vector.

So does this. I remember thinking that I’m good at being a student, but that being a student isn’t a career.

(Jul/01) is celebrating Canada Day in California.

Because Kevin and I were in Fremont for the onething conference with fifteen teens, preteens, and young adults in our care. There was also a short family trip to Whistler.

(Aug/19) is finally finished editing and formatting Kevin’s trading business plan. Now to figure out what it means.

He’s convinced that I could be the better stock trader, because I’m less emotional, especially when it comes to money. And I’m better at following rules. Both of these observations are correct, but I’m not sure about proving a better trader.

(Sep/21) is hoping for an indian summer?

We did have a beautifully warm autumn before the cold snap. Classes resumed – ear training, event planning, audio recording, theology.

(Oct/02) is chewing on metaphysics, ethics, and epistemology.

It’s like TOK revisited, almost, except with more … clarity. Six years out of high school – I’d like to think that I’m more certain of what I believe.

(Nov/20) is editing a paper on Salmonella meningitis in neonates and infants …

I’ve been proofreading for people since grade 9 and I’ve only just started charging for it. At least I learn things too.

(Dec/31) is expecting breakthrough and adventure in 2011.


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