motion sickness, mountain sickness, old town adventures

Posted on: 2 June 2011

The roads in Lijiang are awful, worse than the ones in Honduras! Eight hours bumping around in a van – one totally nauseous Sarah. Though it could’ve been mountain sickness, too, because Shangri-La is four thousand metres above sea level. High enough that our tour guide recommended oxygen inhalers.

Yes, we spent a night in Shangri-La, went river rafting there yesterday morning. And tried yak hot pot.

Now we’re back in Lijiang. Our inn is in the old town – think red lanterns, stray dogs, and narrow cobblestone streets. Last night after dinner we stumbled upon the marketplace. It was massive, and crowded, and FAR TOO MANY PEOPLE SMOKE IN CHINA. I mention that because I was still nauseous.

Anyway … after a few hours of winding through the market Kevin, David, and I couldn’t find our way back to the inn. Missed a turn down an alleyway or something. The old town is like one giant cobblestone maze. What’s worse, we couldn’t ask for directions because none of us remembered the name of our inn! Worse than that, I was nauseous and needed a bathroom.

Luckily, someone eventually had the brilliant idea of checking the camera for helpful information. And luckily, that same someone had taken a picture of Kevin standing in the street when it was still light out. And there was a sign in the photo with the name of the inn. Hallelujah!


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[…] the end of May, Kevin and I fly to Beijing with my family, then my hometown Changsha, then Lijiang. We spend our third wedding anniversary in Shangri-La, not wholly unaffected by mountain sickness. […]

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