methinks my blood is freshest

Posted on: 17 June 2011

It never fails. Whether vacationing, camping, hiking, honeymooning … I always end up with the most mosquito bites. In Cancun in 2008 I got one on my foot that caused it to swell up like a hobbit foot. I could barely fit into my flip flop.

We’ve gotten a bit lazy camera-wise. In China David was taking a ton of video clips, with high aspirations of piecing together an MV. Now he hardly ever has the camera on him when we’re out.

Maybe it’s the heat. It seems the Zhou clan (at least this generation thereof) has a low tolerance for high temperatures. It makes me sluggish. And when we pause on a street corner to figure out directions David beelines for the shade and I’m inclined to yell, “CAN WE STOP TO THINK SOMEWHERE WITH AC?” Kevin definitely has us beat on this one.


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[…] ways with my parents after Hong Kong. They fly home while David joins Kevin and me for two weeks in Taiwan. We stay in hostels, roam night markets, and fraternize with Kevin’s relatives and childhood […]

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