if i never fly again it will be too soon

Posted on: 24 June 2011

I’ve done my fair share of travelling over the past three years. This is hands down the worst experience ever.

Our first flight from Taipei to Hong Kong on Eva Air was delayed by a little over an hour due to bad weather in Hong Kong. Our second flight from Hong Kong to Beijing was supposed to leave yesterday at 5:30PM.

We boarded late, waited on the plane for six hours without taking off (they fed us dinner though). Finally the flight was cancelled, rescheduled to 8:30AM this morning.

It was long past midnight by then, not really worth booking a hotel. Besides, other passengers with iPhones reported no vacancies nearby. We spent a torturous night at the airport, half on the floor and half on those scratchy waiting chairs.

Early in the morning we checked in again, waited at the gate for hours past the appointed boarding time, then were loaded on buses … except the buses didn’t move. People were angry by then, like, mutinous. Enough to fight their way off the buses and back into the waiting area. Technical difficulties with the plane, they told us.

Lots of raging lunacy ensued.

Later they boarded us again. There were a few more hours of delay before we managed a 2:30PM takeoff.

It was chaos all over again upon arrival in Beijing, with other flights out being cancelled and nobody knowing what to do with us. Air China dished out 400 rmb compensation and promised us a hotel for the night. We waited in a long, slow-moving line for three hours to obtain ticket information for our flight home to Vancouver. Got shuffled from location to location, eventually took a taxi.

Now we’re at the Rosedale, hoping to catch a flight out tomorrow. At first they even said they were fully booked, no rooms … but I’m starting to go cross-eyed. Checking out.


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