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While unpacking my STUDIO space (which at present looks more like an office, but hey, one step at a time), I found a letter from my piano teacher, informing my parents of her decision to discontinue teaching in order to pursue medical school. It was dated 5 July 2000.

An excerpt:

For piano, Sarah has the discipline to achieve superb technique and I would like to see her develop a more sensitive and artistic approach to music.

Reading this, I want to kick myself. Superb technique? I wish … I can barely play scales anymore! And I’ve developed more than a few bad habits – my fingering is probably unorthodox, I’m extremely right-hand-heavy, and I often use my thumb to hit two notes at a time. Although it’s true that my ear for aesthetics (and eye) is much improved.

It’s been just over a week in the new pad, and I LOVE IT. I feel so free. Strangely, though, I kind of miss bounding up and down stairs all the time. (The old place was a townhouse with three floors, our bedroom being on the third.)

Kevin and I must’ve viewed at least a dozen places. We almost, almost settled on no. 3 in the last entry – lovely little house in Vancouver South, newly renovated, great location for us. But at the last minute it fell through.

Yesterday we paid the damage deposit for a ground level suite on Boundary. All utilities plus internet included in the rent. And this place has a washer and dryer for laundry. It also has an extra bedroom and half bath (we were looking for 2br/1ba).

So we’re moving on Saturday! Yay!