baby is making me ornery

Posted on: 26 August 2011

I feel hot all the time, and I overheat easily. Something as mundane as vacuuming or folding laundry might make me break out in sweat.

Interestingly, since being pregnant I find that I’m less inclined to censor myself. I’m more likely to say what I think. Kevin’s like, “YES! FINALLY!” but the caveat is that I also care less about potentially hurting people’s feelings.

On Monday, as we arrived at Cultus Lake for a few days of tent camping, the conversation under the pavilion turned to packing – specifically, how some people had overpacked. “It’s two nights! What is there to bring?”

A jokes, “Well, you know, a curler and flat iron and …”

As I roll my eyes, the girlfriend says, “Yeah, I brought my blow dryer and hair straightener … that’s just the way it is.”

And I said, “Are you shitting me.”

See, normally I’d think it but not say it. This time it just kind of popped out. And it surprised people because it was so uncharacteristic. I don’t even know whether I’d take it back; all I really feel is ambivalence.

(I never blow-dry my hair. It would probably take half an hour or more. Air-drying takes several hours, but at least I can be doing other things while it dries. I’m nothing if not practical.)


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