thanks for looking out for me, body

Posted on: 12 September 2011

Pregnancy hunger is nothing like pre-pregnancy hunger. Before, I’d feel hungry for, say, ten minutes. Then it would pass and I’d forget. Hunger pangs were easy to ignore, which is why in university I’d sometimes forget to eat. Pregnancy hunger, though, is almost panic-inducing. It’s all MUST. EAT. SOMETHING. NOW.

Pregnancy sleepiness is different too. It’s much harder to fight. Kevin wants to insist that I sleep early, but really, it hardly matters. Because now my body knocks me over the head when it’s tired. And the old protest, “But I’m busy! I’m in the middle of something!” doesn’t work anymore.

Anyway, here’s munchkin at eleven weeks! I’m due for my first ultrasound, but the clinic hasn’t called.

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