don’t leave me in the dark

Posted on: 19 September 2011

I don’t really like my doctor.

Granted, I’ve only seen her twice. And prior to that I hadn’t been to see any doctor for about ten years, so my idea of appropriate bedside manner is probably tenuous.

But I dislike how she completely disappears after an appointment, making it impossible for me to ask her any last-minute questions … or even to confirm whether the appointment is over. Actually, I don’t feel comfortable asking her questions at all. When Kevin did, she scoffed at him!

I dislike how I walked into the second appointment not knowing what to expect. Namely, a pelvic exam. So awkward. And she didn’t tell me what she was doing, or what it was for. I’m a genetics and cell bio major, alright? I’ll understand if you explain. Then she gave me forms for booking an ultrasound and blood test, but didn’t explain those either. I had to read the fine print on the forms to figure out what they were about.

It doesn’t help that the receptionists seem to give off this belligerent I-don’t-want-to-be-here vibe.

Basically, this clinic makes me feel like a patient. I resent feeling like a patient. I’d prefer to feel like a person.

So! I recently attended a friend’s baby shower, and several mothers there suggested having a midwife instead of a doctor. They even recommended a particular clinic. So I called, and already they’re so much more friendly and informative. And I have an appointment next week.

Goodbye, doctor. I hardly knew ye.

Twelve weeks! So far I have one pair of jeans that don’t button comfortably anymore. I’ve been looping a small elastic band around the buttonhole for an extra inch of give. The most immediate problem, though, is my bras. They’re all cutting off my circulation. Yet I feel it’s too early to size up or buy maternity.

Frankly, I’m kind of looking forward to showing more. Right now it’s not too obvious that I’m pregnant. I never consciously “suck in” … but I sing, so my abs are used to, well, holding things in place. To the innocent observer I could just be fat, HAHA.


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Yay! I fired my doctor yesterday too and it was great!

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