turtle or hamburger

Posted on: 26 September 2011

When Kevin’s sister-in-law was pregnant, they wouldn’t tell her whether she was carrying a boy or a girl. Kevin’s brother said something about there being an extra charge for gender determination, so they opted to forgo it.

I was half-skeptical and half-incredulous, because I definitely want to know the sex of my baby ahead of time. If the ultrasound tech won’t tell me, I thought, I’ll go find another one! And can’t you figure it out yourself from the sonograms?

That was some time ago. Recently I found this on the resources page of my midwifery clinic:

In BC, if discovered by ultrasound, the sex of the baby will not be disclosed until after 20 weeks. If you would like to know the sex of your baby but are still less than 20 weeks pregnant, you can request that the information is recorded on the ultrasound report given to your care provider, who will then tell you after 22 weeks.

That sounds more like it! I mean, why wouldn’t they tell you?

Kevin wants a boy first. He says, tongue-in-cheek, that too many firstborn girls end up bossy and domineering. He insists he isn’t thinking specifically of me, though I am functionally a firstborn girl. (I had an older brother who died in infancy before I was born.)

I believe him, because I know who he is thinking of, haha. Besides, I’m only bossy and domineering when I lead band practice …

Personally, I don’t have strong opinions one way or the other. I wouldn’t mind a boy first, since as a child I remember wanting an older brother. Ideally, I’d have a boy, then twin girls. Because that’s like two birds with one stone.

Or three with two stones.



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