munchkin has a heartbeat!

Posted on: 29 September 2011

“Let’s see where your uterus is,” the midwife says. Poke poke poke. “Right there.”

(Whoa, how can you tell? Can I do that?)

Then she presses the doppler against my belly. There are some static-y swishing sounds, then a pulse: whomp. whomp. whomp. All leisurely-like. “That’s yours.”

She moves the doppler around, trying to locate baby. It takes just long enough that for an instant I start to think about panicking – AH THERE’S NO HEARTBEAT! But wait, there it is!


And it’s so trippy and cute and I feel all ticklish even though nothing is tickling me that I can’t help but laugh. Which messes up the signal, but I can’t help it! It tickles! So we only got a few seconds of munchkin heartbeat, oops.

Tomorrow … ultrasound.


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