four cups of water was cruel

Posted on: 30 September 2011

Munchkin looks like a peanut! A squirmy peanut, with miraculous little fingers that don’t show up too well on the sonogram.

Lately I can’t see a pregnant lady without wondering what her baby will look like. Or an elderly person without wondering what he looked like when he was young. Or a young person without wondering what she’ll look like when she’s old. I have no idea whether those are even related.


Weeks 13 and 14, respectively. I’m even wearing the same top. That was unplanned. If I were into planning, maybe the angles would be consistent! Week 13 almost looks bigger. But yesterday I had one person tell me that I’m finally starting to look pregnant …

(I only drank three cups of water. And was exercising bladder control for the better part of an hour. Like I said, cruel.)


1 Response to "four cups of water was cruel"

At one of my ultrasounds, apparently my bladder was TOO full… they discovered this AFTER poking around for a bit, and told me to go and wee “a little bit” – stopping was hard. lol

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