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S: Last night I dreamt that we were on a cruise …

K: (^_^)

S: But then the ship sank.

K: (-_-)

S: It wasn’t a bad dream, though! It was kind of fun. And did I tell you that the night before, I dreamt that we had two boys? One was about five, and the other was about two.

K: (o_o)

S: They were both Spanish.

K: (=_=)

My under-ten piano students are great fun, but there’s always pressure from their parents to “make them fear me.” As if there won’t be satisfactory progress unless I somehow scare them into practicing.

Seriously. They could fire me for not being mean enough.

Is it a Chinese thing to confuse fear and respect? I’ll admit that it’s taken me some time to settle into a reasonable level of expectation for my students and tutees. (My default tendency in general is to expect too much from myself and too little from others.)

It’s my role to show my piano students what and how to practice. I’m not sure forcing them to practice is my business. Of course the understanding is that they will. If they do, they’ll progress quickly. If they don’t, they’ll progress slowly or not at all.

And if the desire to practice is entirely absent, maybe they shouldn’t be coerced into piano lessons in the first place? Obviously I’m thinking as a parent now, not a teacher. I guess what I’m wondering is, when do I push my child, and when do I lay off? Is there a difference between directing my children’s interests and allowing their interests to emerge naturally? How do I navigate that space?

Week 17, and we’ve got a bit of a pointy thing going on. Is it a boy, or is that another myth? Probably the latter.

Just for fun, here’s my midriff pre-pregnancy:

By pre-pregnancy, I mean two years ago. Not that I changed much. Umm, my hair is longer. And hey! Same shirt! Because shopping is a pain.

We haven’t made any baby purchases yet. Although both my parents and Kevin’s have somehow managed to pick up an infant carseat for us, so we have two of those?

I’ve also been thinking about disposable vs. cloth diapers. I read somewhere that parents can expect to change several thousand diapers per child (!!), and the cost of that many diapers makes me go (>_<);

But the thought of dealing with all that poop also makes me go (>_<);

The one time I changed Kevin’s niece’s diaper, I almost threw up. HAHA. She was a toddler at the time, though, so I must assume her poop was somewhat more monstrous than an infant’s is supposed to be.

baby eu

Posted on: 19 October 2011

Ever since watching Tangled last December, I’ve had a bit of a crush on Flynn Rider. Whenever this comes up in conversation, Kevin reminds me that his real name is Eugene.

After much deliberation, we’ve decided to tell people that we’re naming the baby Eugene. It’s perfect. Eugene Hu. Eu, for short. So … Eu Hu. Pronounced YOOHOO.

Thanks for asking!

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I don’t want to be that kind of mother.

You know, the kind who takes herself too seriously.

The best parenting advice I’ve ever come across to date goes something like, “treat your child as if s/he were the seventh of ten children.” That’s what I want, I think – perspective.

Funny, it’s like I started showing ahead of the curve and now I’ve fallen behind. There hasn’t been much visible change in the last … month?

week 15

week 16

The up side is that I’m still able to sleep on my back and in all of my favoured pretzel-y positions. What, I never mentioned my weird acrobatic sleeping habits? I’m generally a light and quiet sleeper, but I tend to shift around a lot. Now that I’m sleeping in a double bed (unlike all first twenty-two years), it’s like my body is drunk with the possibilities! Kevin has a hard time understanding why I’m sleeping cross-legged, or why my foot is up by my ear, or why I accidentally elbow him in the head …

I don’t know what I’ll do come third trimester.

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Yesterday I finally went to get blood drawn for the regular battery of pregnancy tests. A part of me was dreading it. I’d had blood drawn twice before for insurance policies, and the second time …

… I fainted.

It was totally a freak occurrence. I have no problem with blood (unless it’s movie gore). I like needles about as much as the next person, no more, no less. I watch the needle go in, and I watch the blood fill the tubes, because it’s interesting. And I’d never fainted before, or since. In fact I used to wonder, idly, how it would feel. Kind of like how I sometimes wonder what it feels like to be drunk. Or (less idly) to give birth.

Tangent: I’ve heard contractions described as “menstrual cramps from hell.” Lucky me, I’ve never actually had a menstrual cramp, so that doesn’t help at all.

Fainting feels really weird, by the way. It’s comparable to that dizzy “seeing stars” sensation people sometimes get when they stand up too fast, except the “stars” close in on your vision and next thing you know, you’re on the floor with worried faces hovering over you. Trippy! It was only for a few seconds that time, actually, but it totally freaked Kevin out.

So I wasn’t nervous about the drawing of blood … not that I like having blood drawn, who does? I was wary about the possibility of blacking out. But the nurse at the lifelab was excellent. She was quick, and nice, and steady-handed. I barely felt the tube switches, thank goodness, since she took 5-7 tubes! What I get for procrastinating the appointment. At least I get all the bloodwork over with in one poke.

And I swear those 5-7 tubes took less time to collect than the 2 tubes both fund company nurses collected previously. Not that they weren’t nice, too. And all was well.

Oh, and this time, I didn’t look.