that which we call a rose

Posted on: 6 October 2011

When it comes to names, I’m probably the pickiest person anyone knows. I’m not micro-managerial about many things at all, but naming my children? MY BUSINESS.

Kevin and I have decided not to leak munchkin’s name before he, or she, is born. (S/he, him/her, I hate doing that! Twenty week ultrasound, you can’t come soon enough.) Frankly, I could care less for feedback in this area. I know we can’t please everybody, and that isn’t our objective anyway. Too many opinions is nothing but confusing.

The primary reason, though, is that I once let slip one of my top contenders, and IT GOT STOLEN. By whom? KEVIN’S SISTER-IN-LAW. So yes, never again.

(To be fair, I wouldn’t go so far as to assume she did it on purpose, or even that I planted the name in her head. It may have been on her shortlist already. Plus she had the baby first, so what can I say? But there is no way in hell she is more particular about the aesthetics of a name than I am.)

And so munchkin’s name is under wraps. We don’t have one yet, by the way! It’s tricky without knowing the gender.

Munchkin can be munchkin for another six months.

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2 Responses to "that which we call a rose"

Ugh, I have decided to no longer discuss names with anyone outside of my husband. Last night my mother told me flat-out that it’s “disrespectful” not to name the baby in honor of someone in the family. I personally think it’s disrespectful to guilt someone into naming their baby something that’s not meaningful to them, but who’s asking? :/

Oh wow. I’m leaning toward names that no one I know has! So that … totally wouldn’t work.

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