occupy wall street?

Posted on: 13 October 2011

The stories of the 99% are heartbreaking.

Yet 99% seems arbitrarily high. 80% maybe, which is still nothing to scoff at and comes across as less propaganda-ish.

Kevin’s great dream – one of them – is financial freedom. We’re not financially free, not yet. But we’re happy, and blessed. Here MSP covers a midwife (or doctor) and basic maternity care, which is all I need. I’ve never taken out a student loan. Scholarships and advanced credit helped significantly; my parents had a small education savings plan for me that covered roughly half of remaining tuition; and I worked seasonally to pay the rest.

(I realize now that I should’ve applied for a student loan anyway, and invested it, or at the very least let it collect interest in a bank. But I’ve since learned a great deal from my financial advisor husband … who wasn’t a financial advisor when we first met. Back then I knew next to nothing.)

There’s a certain anti-rich sentiment that the lower and middle classes are fond of nursing. I say this because I grew up “lower-middle class” and I’ve been there. But in the last three-plus years I’ve met millionaires and billionaires, people at the top of the financial industry … and they are the most down-to-earth, generous people I’ve ever known. The kind who tip well. Is it naive of me to believe that the wealthy have worked hard AND SMART for what they have?

That there’s something fundamentally wrong with our financial system isn’t too difficult to believe. But there have always been people who’ve found ways to make a broken system work for them. There are ways to pay less tax. There are ways to spend less. There are ways to protect and grow savings, even while the stock market plunges. There have always been options, if only people would seek them out.

And there’s always hope.


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