lab requisition

Posted on: 14 October 2011

Yesterday I finally went to get blood drawn for the regular battery of pregnancy tests. A part of me was dreading it. I’d had blood drawn twice before for insurance policies, and the second time …

… I fainted.

It was totally a freak occurrence. I have no problem with blood (unless it’s movie gore). I like needles about as much as the next person, no more, no less. I watch the needle go in, and I watch the blood fill the tubes, because it’s interesting. And I’d never fainted before, or since. In fact I used to wonder, idly, how it would feel. Kind of like how I sometimes wonder what it feels like to be drunk. Or (less idly) to give birth.

Tangent: I’ve heard contractions described as “menstrual cramps from hell.” Lucky me, I’ve never actually had a menstrual cramp, so that doesn’t help at all.

Fainting feels really weird, by the way. It’s comparable to that dizzy “seeing stars” sensation people sometimes get when they stand up too fast, except the “stars” close in on your vision and next thing you know, you’re on the floor with worried faces hovering over you. Trippy! It was only for a few seconds that time, actually, but it totally freaked Kevin out.

So I wasn’t nervous about the drawing of blood … not that I like having blood drawn, who does? I was wary about the possibility of blacking out. But the nurse at the lifelab was excellent. She was quick, and nice, and steady-handed. I barely felt the tube switches, thank goodness, since she took 5-7 tubes! What I get for procrastinating the appointment. At least I get all the bloodwork over with in one poke.

And I swear those 5-7 tubes took less time to collect than the 2 tubes both fund company nurses collected previously. Not that they weren’t nice, too. And all was well.

Oh, and this time, I didn’t look.


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