week 17 odds and ends

Posted on: 22 October 2011

Week 17, and we’ve got a bit of a pointy thing going on. Is it a boy, or is that another myth? Probably the latter.

Just for fun, here’s my midriff pre-pregnancy:

By pre-pregnancy, I mean two years ago. Not that I changed much. Umm, my hair is longer. And hey! Same shirt! Because shopping is a pain.

We haven’t made any baby purchases yet. Although both my parents and Kevin’s have somehow managed to pick up an infant carseat for us, so we have two of those?

I’ve also been thinking about disposable vs. cloth diapers. I read somewhere that parents can expect to change several thousand diapers per child (!!), and the cost of that many diapers makes me go (>_<);

But the thought of dealing with all that poop also makes me go (>_<);

The one time I changed Kevin’s niece’s diaper, I almost threw up. HAHA. She was a toddler at the time, though, so I must assume her poop was somewhat more monstrous than an infant’s is supposed to be.

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