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At 20 weeks, or 19 weeks adjusted!

It’s taken me this long to realize that bump photos taken soon after a meal look bigger. So the ones that seem extra round, more so than the week after, were probably inadvertent portraits of munchkin plus FOOD BABY.

Hey, who knew? I’m slow at noticing these things.

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I didn’t recognize what I was feeling right away, primarily because I was on the alert for sensations like “butterfly flutters” or “popcorn popping.” You know, the ones I read about. Ha.

Let’s just say munchkin is not a “butterfly flutterer” … more like a bumper-and-thumper. Little cottonball bumps. Also, some squirming and rolling and tumbling.

There’s still a chance I may be imagining these things. But they’re happening in the right place – on ultrasound day we discovered how low-lying baby is – barely above the pubic bone. And I wouldn’t describe digestion as bumping or rolling.

So the new question is, if munchkin is situated below my belly button, then why is said belly button more like the centre of my bump? (Organ crowding?)

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Remember my first trimester ultrasound, and having to inundate myself with water until it started to taste like medicine? Well, I totally didn’t … because I forgot to drink water. And I forgot that I was supposed to arrive with a full bladder. Wow. What is wrong with me?

Don’t tell me “mommy brain” is real.

It turned out not to be a big deal; I gulped some water down on site and the ultrasound tech was still able to do her thing. Yes, I’m aware that all ultrasound images look more or less the same, but here is munchkin in second trimester: 

See that little bunched-up round thing right in front of the face? That’s a fist. Munchkin’s arms were thrown up around its head. Aww. And the spine looked really cool, and we could see the heart beating!

(Inappropriate and slightly morbid aside: seeing the heart beating reminded me of third year nerve lab, where we guillotined a frog and removed the heart. It was candy-red and still pumpin’.)

Notice I’m still referring to munchkin as an “it.” That’s because MUNCHKIN WAS UNCOOPERATIVE. Legs were closed and umbilical cord in the way.

Ah, so choked. I guess we’ll have to ask at my next appointment if they’re able to schedule another ultrasound for me, though I don’t see a medical reason to. I was always for gender neutral items and colours anyway, so not knowing the sex isn’t going to affect baby shopping. It’s only messing with MY MIND.

There’s a part of me that likes how munchkin has a mind of its own. Having munchkin not show us is somehow infinitely more acceptable than having the technician know but not tell.

Week 19, or shall we say week 18 adjusted? (How am I supposed to count these now?)

So, this whole pregnancy thing? I like it, I think. I’m not crazy about feeling bleh (and sometimes I still do), but the belly is totally awesome. Because MUNCHKIN IS INSIDE and that kind of blows my mind. Also, I am in shape. Round is a shape.

Surprisingly, I even like the boobs. I didn’t think I would, because honestly, I liked my little boobs. Little boobs never get in the way. But these, hmmm, they are interesting. (Also, colostrum.)

Sorry. TMI.

Late first trimester did mess with my skin a bit – or maybe that was because I’d switched to a cheap facial cleanser. But aside from some residual dryness, I think that phase is over. Yay.

I’ve been trying to feel for my uterus the way the midwife showed me last appointment, but I can never find it.

Based on the results of my first trimester ultrasound, munchkin’s due date has been pushed back a week – from March 30 to April 7.

Which isn’t totally unexpected. Our original dating was based on my LMP, but my cycle is significantly longer than average. (At 45 days I couldn’t be sure that I was pregnant.)

Kevin hopes this means we’re less likely to have an April Fool’s baby.