i’m growing a mini-hu

Posted on: 5 November 2011

Week 19, or shall we say week 18 adjusted? (How am I supposed to count these now?)

So, this whole pregnancy thing? I like it, I think. I’m not crazy about feeling bleh (and sometimes I still do), but the belly is totally awesome. Because MUNCHKIN IS INSIDE and that kind of blows my mind. Also, I am in shape. Round is a shape.

Surprisingly, I even like the boobs. I didn’t think I would, because honestly, I liked my little boobs. Little boobs never get in the way. But these, hmmm, they are interesting. (Also, colostrum.)

Sorry. TMI.

Late first trimester did mess with my skin a bit – or maybe that was because I’d switched to a cheap facial cleanser. But aside from some residual dryness, I think that phase is over. Yay.

I’ve been trying to feel for my uterus the way the midwife showed me last appointment, but I can never find it.


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