munchkin on the move

Posted on: 10 November 2011

I didn’t recognize what I was feeling right away, primarily because I was on the alert for sensations like “butterfly flutters” or “popcorn popping.” You know, the ones I read about. Ha.

Let’s just say munchkin is not a “butterfly flutterer” … more like a bumper-and-thumper. Little cottonball bumps. Also, some squirming and rolling and tumbling.

There’s still a chance I may be imagining these things. But they’re happening in the right place – on ultrasound day we discovered how low-lying baby is – barely above the pubic bone. And I wouldn’t describe digestion as bumping or rolling.

So the new question is, if munchkin is situated below my belly button, then why is said belly button more like the centre of my bump? (Organ crowding?)

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