oh hai

Posted on: 3 December 2011

Bump update? These lo-fi bathroom photos seem to suggest another “am-I-really-getting-any-bigger” phase, but people are finally guessing that I’m pregnant! This is a big deal. No, don’t ask me why, I’m not actually sure.

week 21/20

week 22/21

week 23/22

We moved more westward last Saturday, and will be here for at least a year. The place feels kind of like a camp lodge, especially the living space in back. Because there’s a wood-burning fireplace! There are a few draftier areas we still need to figure out, and the bathtub doesn’t drain properly, but other than that we’ve unpacked and settled in.

So. Much. Space. It took me the better part of Thursday to vacuum and swiffer the floors, and I think I took two breaks. Pregnancy has made me weaksauce.

Though I didn’t much appreciate being yelled at all day on moving day. WHAT? I’m carrying a PILLOW. And a POT. These things will not break my back or cause a miscarriage. No, I won’t attempt to push the bed around, even though it totally needs to be a few inches to the right.

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1 Response to "oh hai"

It IS a big deal when people start to notice the bump. I’m still in the “is that girl fat or pregnant?” zone so I’ve taken to rubbing my belly a lot in public to make it kind of obvious that it’s the latter. Plus it just feels nice 🙂

Good luck with the unpacking and screw the haters. You’re preggo and shouldn’t have to do much of anything, even carry pots around.

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