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It’s been a tough week. One where the weight of adulthood has you gazing broodingly out the window, envying the squirrels their simplicity of life.

And then there’s that extra dimension of not wanting any stress or sadness filtering through to baby. But how do I guard my emotions when the storm is gusting all around?

(Re-)enter John Rutter’s arrangement of “A Gaelic Blessing” … thank you, second-semester vocal ensemble.

deep peace of the running wave to you
deep peace of the flowing air to you
deep peace of the quiet earth to you

At the time we dubbed this piece “Garlic Dressing,” a passive-aggressive way for the first sopranos of getting back at Rutter for making us hit the high G. (Not a professional choir here, no professional ranges. Besides, I suspect I’m technically a mezzo.)

Last night Kevin caught a whole episode of munchkin hiccups. There’s been a lot of shifting and shuffling going on in the past couple days. Maybe by next appointment we’ll learn that munchkin is head down?

week 29

You hear about babies kicking in utero, but what about the pokes and skittery movements, the flips and rolls, the sweeps of limb? I wish I knew what munchkin is doing in there!

Generally munchkin seems to be most active around midnight, when I’M TRYING TO FALL ASLEEP. (Does this not bode well?) Kevin is most likely to catch him/her “at play” around this time.

week 25

week 26

week 27

week 28











I’ve reached the point where rolling over in bed and rising from the sofa take extra seconds of effort. Occasionally my leg has cramped up. No back pain or swollen feet or heartburn or stretch marks or varicose veins, however.

January is the beginning of my last semester of a two-year Associate of Arts in music. At the end of the month, I miss two of four live sound intensives because Kevin’s friend and fellow financial guru invited us on an eastern Caribbean cruise.

On the docks in St. Maarten.

In February we’re back on the sunny, but cold, West Coast. I miss the tropical islands. I miss ordering two appetizers, two entrées, and three desserts at dinner. I miss the Celebrity Equinox staff. But life goes on.

Studio time in March! I love this place to pieces. Studios and libraries – the best indoor places on earth.

Hello, my lovelies.

April is graduation month. Final papers and projects, exams, recital. I resolve to stop collecting degrees. Then a trip to snowy Manning Park at the end of it all.

Near the end of May, Kevin and I fly to Beijing with my family, then my hometown Changsha, then Lijiang. We spend our third wedding anniversary in Shangri-La, not wholly unaffected by mountain sickness.

My parents, brother, and our singing tour guide.

We’re in Asia for most of June, parting ways with my parents after Hong Kong. They fly home while David joins Kevin and me for two weeks in Taiwan. We stay in hostels, roam night markets, and fraternize with Kevin’s relatives and childhood friends.

Once back in Canada, Kevin and I start house hunting. We’ve lived in a suburban townhouse with his parents and sister for three years, and it’s beyond time for our own place. We move into a cozy little ground level suite in July. Oh, we also stop using condoms (the only form of birth control we’ve ever used).

My period doesn’t come for 45 days, but my cycle is so long that I’ve gone 49 days before. Kevin thinks I’m definitely pregnant. I tell him people don’t always get pregnant on the first try. I eat sashimi and undercooked meat. I swim in a freezing lake. When we finally arrange a doctor’s appointment in August, it turns out that Kevin is right.

August is sprinkled with weddings and a camping trip. I feel, for the most part, fine.

On the dock at Cultus Lake.

Another wedding – Kevin’s sister! – in September. I hear about midwifery and transfer away from the doctor we only saw twice. Midwives are awesome. They don’t scoff at your questions.

I’m teaching piano again in October. I see Priscilla Ahn in concert at the Media Club. I continue growing our mini-Hu.

Munchkin refuses to show us his/her sex at my ultrasound in November. Unexpectedly, we move again, this time to a big old house on the west side. It’s a temporary arrangement; we expect to be here for roughly a year.

December is a flurry of activity, with lots of meet-ups and Christmas events and dinners. Yesterday Kevin and I finally had dinner at home, just the two of us, for the first time in two weeks.