if you can keep your head

Posted on: 21 January 2012

It’s been a tough week. One where the weight of adulthood has you gazing broodingly out the window, envying the squirrels their simplicity of life.

And then there’s that extra dimension of not wanting any stress or sadness filtering through to baby. But how do I guard my emotions when the storm is gusting all around?

(Re-)enter John Rutter’s arrangement of “A Gaelic Blessing” … thank you, second-semester vocal ensemble.

deep peace of the running wave to you
deep peace of the flowing air to you
deep peace of the quiet earth to you

At the time we dubbed this piece “Garlic Dressing,” a passive-aggressive way for the first sopranos of getting back at Rutter for making us hit the high G. (Not a professional choir here, no professional ranges. Besides, I suspect I’m technically a mezzo.)

Last night Kevin caught a whole episode of munchkin hiccups. There’s been a lot of shifting and shuffling going on in the past couple days. Maybe by next appointment we’ll learn that munchkin is head down?

week 29


1 Response to "if you can keep your head"

Mine’s been getting the hiccups too. It’s really silly.

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