supersenses are overrated

Posted on: 8 February 2012

I woke up early on Monday morning. I never wake up early anymore, unless there’s something scheduled or I need to be somewhere, because it takes me ages to fall asleep at night.

I’m no insomniac, but it’s always taken me a while, and the presence of a belly that restricts sleep positions doesn’t help. Kevin, on the other hand, has this crazy ability to be out like a light in three minutes. I had a little taste of that in first trimester – so efficient! But those days are long gone.

Anyway, I awoke knowing that it was early. Then I realized it was because of a noise. My first hazy, half-asleep thought was that the baby clothes in the closet were playing some high frequency music. I was thinking of those ringtones students use that their teachers can’t hear.

Yeah, morning brain … not so rationally sound.

I would’ve fallen right back asleep if the noise hadn’t continued so long. Which it did, long enough to wake me up completely, past the drop-back-to-sleep-without-fully-waking-up stage. By then it was obvious enough that the sound was G’s alarm ringing.

G is a university student we’ve known for a number of years. Since our place is now a single convenient bus ride from UBC, he’s staying in our guest room for a few weeks while his family is in China.

But here’s the thing: the guest room is across and waaay down the hall from where I was in the master bedroom, and both doors were closed. The sound reaching me was much reduced in volume, yet still enough to wake me up. Whaaat?

Even then I might’ve tried to go back to sleep, and it might’ve worked, if not for three things that are entirely munchkin’s fault.

1. I needed to pee.

2. I was suddenly hungry, with that desperate must eat something now or I shall go mad hunger that simply does not exist apart from baby-in-utero.

3. When I wake, munchkin wakes. And invariably starts a dance party.


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