Posted on: 24 February 2012

Munchkin is very squirmy and hiccup-y. The hiccups feel like popcorn – a single large kernel popping low in my pelvis. As for squirmy, well, when munchkin is on the move my melon-like midriff undulates. Literally, visibly. Sometimes it bounces and spasms too. Silly munchkin. According to my midwife, during an active phase we want at least six movements in two hours. I believe we’re closer to six movements in twenty seconds.

I started to catch Kevin’s cold, I think, but it seems to have gone already without sticking. Just a day or two of snuffles, a hint of congestion and throat scratchiness. (How did that happen, anyway? We were so careful! I mean, he was careful enough for the both of us. I wasn’t all that careful, because I stubbornly believe that my immune system is impenetrable.) We’re both asymptomatic now and feeling fine.

According to the scale at my parents’ place, I’ve gained about twenty two pounds. The internet tells me this is within the healthy NON-PREGNANT weight range for my height. The internet doesn’t know how underweight I was before pregnancy (not significantly underweight, no worries). At this rate, maybe I could afford to not shed any weight after birth. Although I think my face looks wider, HAHA.

Ugh, I’m feeling the extra weight though. When I stop to think about it, I feel heavy. And I get braxton-hicks … randomly, but especially when I walk for any distance longer than, say, a block.

week 34

Gratuitous popping belly button shot.

third trimester squirmies


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Mine’s been getting hiccups like crazy too, almost three times a day!

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