home stretch

Posted on: 3 March 2012

I’m at the momentous 35/35! (It took me way too long to figure out what that means.)

I’ve been called both big AND tiny for my gestational age. I’ve had a persistent unsatisfied craving for ice cream, preferably of the McDonald’s or DQ variety. I am morbidly curious about other people’s labour stories.

Here is our crib, which we snagged with mattress plus four fitted sheets plus mobile (not the one pictured) for $50, from a nice lady who was probably unaware that passing on a recalled crib is of questionable legality. (For the record, I wasn’t aware either, until reading about the great recall scare of 2009. So much fear-mongering. And wow, mothers can be a paranoid, panicky bunch.)

It’s a Storkcraft ELISA, manufactured in 2002. We’ve already installed the new mattress support brackets, and the dropside immobilizers just need to be plopped into place. The crib was in excellent condition otherwise … even the old support brackets, which were recalled because there was a possibility of breakage when installed incorrectly.

As it is, I’m more concerned about that wedding picture falling off the wall onto the baby than I am about the crib malfunctioning.

OMG in another month or so THERE WILL BE A BABY in that crib.

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