notes on the second week of motherhood

Posted on: 14 April 2012

* I wouldn’t say that Ashelyn is a difficult baby. Look, I have time to blog, and the house is clean! (Though Kevin has taken over all the cooking, bless him.)

* Ashelyn hates being in a dirty diaper. But she isn’t fond of diaper changes either, especially if they take too long.

* We get three-hour stretches of sleep at night, which is great. I don’t even feel particularly sleep-deprived … yet. Kevin requires more sleep to function than I do, though, so he’ll usually nap sometime during the day.

* My belly button actually protruded MORE the first few days after birth than during pregnancy, but now it’s an innie again. No stretch marks, but the linea nigra is this really noticeable stripe. And WHOA, belly flab. It’s not half so bad anymore, but it was a deflated balloon that first day. Is it shallow of me to miss my four-pack?

* I got pooped on yesterday. Some milestone has been reached.


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