the toughest thing

Posted on: 17 April 2012

2. Clean laundry doesn’t stay clean.

Spit-up on the bedsheet, pee on the change pad cover, and always when they’ve just been washed. Call me OCD, but this drives me NUTS. (Hey, I figure if I go to the trouble of cleaning something, it should at least stay clean for a while!)

Milk stains are the worst. Nursing pads don’t help when I’m actually nursing. If for any reason Ashelyn is slow to latch, or unlatches in the middle of a feed, I leak on my bras and shirts, and occasionally the sheets and sofa cushions. Often she’ll help by getting her hands in the way and smearing milk all over her face and clothes, too. I’ve since made sure that there are burp cloths and blankets scattered strategically around the house, but still. Sometimes I leak through them.

1. The cumulative weight of unsolicited opinion.

“If she’s feeding that often, it means she’s not getting enough milk.” “If she’s feeding so long, she’s not getting enough milk.” “You should get that jaundice checked out by the doctor.” “Spitting up? Her digestive system must be immature.” “Are you sure her neck is okay at that incline?” “Stay in bed – if you strain your back now you’ll suffer from arthritis later.” “Her poop is runny. It’s diarrhea!” “Don’t eat that, it’ll dry up your milk supply.” “Those diapers are too big for her; they’ll cause bow-leggedness!”

People mean well, I know. But is this really what a new mother needs to hear? Don’t I have enough on my plate without worrying about medically unfounded things?

That’s why I like my midwives. They are REASSURING.


1 Response to "the toughest thing"

Oh, wait till you get the 5-foot squirt when the baby unlatches and kits the kitchen table or the husband! 😉

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