dear ashelyn (ii)

Posted on: 22 April 2012

On Friday, at three weeks, you weighed in at NINE POUNDS. That’s a gain of two pounds in two weeks! Clearly you are a rockstar.

So far, you don’t seem to be a huge fan of baths. The first time, you freaked right out. Since then you’ve been calmer, but still kind of nervous-looking. As with diaper changes, you like being clean, but the cleansing process? Not so much.

Oh, and you aren’t wild about being naked, either.

I can’t keep up with the rate at which your fingernails grow. The scratches along my neckline testify to that.

Sometimes we’ll know you’re hungry, yet you won’t eat. In fact the nipple will be IN YOUR MOUTH, and you’ll still be rooting around like a crazed woodpecker. This is, admittedly, hilarious, and I have no qualms about laughing at you. But then you become frustrated and start crying, and I’ll worry that you’ve suddenly forgotten how to latch or something. We’re slowly figuring that whenever this scenario plays out, you either (1) are gassy and need to burp or fart, or (2) have a dirty diaper and want it changed. Only then will you settle down and nurse. You are one particular little lady.

Speaking of nursing, you’re always hungry when I’M eating. So you interrupt my sleep AND my meals. What’s up with that?

You’re outgrowing your smallest onesies!


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