out of the blue

Posted on: 17 May 2012

The ambulance has come to our address three times in the past two months. First, minutes after Ashelyn’s “precipitous” birth. Then, last night, because Kevin suddenly began experiencing severe pain on the right side of his lower back.

I called 911 around 10PM, and again at 3AM. Three paramedics arrived the first time. It took them a while, maybe twenty minutes, and much of the pain had subsided by then. In the end, since they predicted long wait times at the hospital, we elected to sit tight and rest. I could always call again in case of relapse.

Turns out, I did. This time Kevin left for the hospital in the ambulance. I stayed home with Ashelyn, who wasn’t sleeping. So much for rest – at least Kevin got some. She was awake and happy (and squirmy and hungry) all evening until the second team of paramedics left with daddy, after which she was awake and fussy for another two hours. Either way, AWAKE. This was unusual; she’s normally quite a decent sleeper.

Kevin came back this morning around 8AM and we all dozed till a little past noon, with a brief interruption when my parents came by to drop off his prescription.

It was kidney stones!

Super not-fun, but I’m glad it isn’t a critical illness. I’m not sure Kevin agrees, though. Forever the financial guru, it wasn’t long before he commented, “It’s too bad kidney stones don’t qualify as a critical illness. It’d be nice to get the CI insurance payout.”


1 Response to "out of the blue"

I hope he’s feeling better! When my husband got in a bicycle crash during a race, it was frightening. Does it make me a bad wife that my first worry was how the hospital bill was going to ruin us? He thought so. Plus, he’s such a trooper I knew he’d be fine :-p

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