dear ashelyn (iv)

Posted on: 9 June 2012

You’re not staring into space, you’re gazing at the light fixtures.

You’ve discovered that your vocal cords are good for more complex sounds than crying. Since then you’ve been trying enthusiastically to converse with us. Lately you’ve added more full-throated sounds to your initial repertoire of murmurs, and you’ve accidentally made vocalizations that sound like “ninja,” “okay,” “oh yeah,” “uncle,” and “hello.” You’re at your most chatty after a good nap, and when you’re being sung to. I hope you’re trying to harmonize.

I didn’t expect to deal with drool until you start cutting teeth, but you’ve taken to blowing tiny spit bubbles.

Last post, I mentioned one giant poop a day. But there was that one day you had five poops, and for the past three days you haven’t pooped at all. In brief, you’re confusing.

Yesterday we took you for your first round of immunizations. They say it’s harder on the parents than on the child, and I’m inclined to believe it, because I felt terrible but you were marvellous. You were smiling and babbling away up until our doctor (I like her so much better than the last one, by the way) was getting the needles ready, at which point you started crying, as if YOU KNEW. But you only screamed for a little bit and seemed to forget all about the shots shortly thereafter. You’ve cried harder than that over less, which I found oddly reassuring. In fact, your “OW!” cry is no match for your “I’M PISSED OFF” cry.

Now I’m on eggshells all, Is that regular fussiness or side-effect fussiness? Is she sleeping more than usual? Is that a bruise? But I guess not being able to tell is good news.


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She is so adorable!

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