dear ashelyn (v)

Posted on: 19 June 2012

We recorded your first real, audible laugh on June 15, at exactly eleven weeks. Prior to that you’ve chuckled out loud in your sleep, but this was in response to being tickled and SO VERY AWESOME. Kind of sounds like a squeaky toy.

You like to breastfeed with one arm splayed upwards, fingers sometimes scrabbling at my collarbone. Scratch scratch scratch. When your fingernails are trimmed, this is affectionate and endearing. When they aren’t, it’s kind of vicious.

Sometimes you resist falling asleep. You’ll be exhausted, yet still struggling to keep your eyes open. This is definitely not a trait inherited from your father, who acquired the ability to doze off in five seconds from his years at a mattress company, when his workday started at 6AM. Any aversion to sleeping is entirely my fault. As a child, I hated naps and early bedtimes, and would spend those hours of misery composing epic multi-volume stories in my head.

Your first accidental Mandarin phrase: “第一个.”

I remember reading about newborns being all scrunched up, limbs tucked close to the body, then “unfurling” as they adjust to life in the open. Well, you’re definitely unfurling, what with all the happy-feet dancing and hands-over-head, full-body stretches.

I didn’t leave the house for two full weeks after you were born, because the idea of taking you outside – of dealing with diaper leaks or meltdowns in public – filled me with terror. But now you can be away from home the whole day, charming the socks off everyone you meet with your double chin and ready smile and attempts at conversation. You’re never thrown off schedule, either, because – ha! We don’t have one for you!

At eleven, almost twelve weeks, I would say you’re cheerful, bright, eager. You also have a fierce temper, a big bomb with a long fuse. (I take the blame for that one, too, sorry.)

You’re outgrowing the last of your 0-3 month clothes. I’ve broken out the 3-6 month stuff already. And once we run out of size two diapers, which will probably happen within the week, you’ll be starting on the box of size threes my parents brought over.

The public health nurse who called said they expect babies to double their birth weight in six months. You took, like, two. For all the weight you’re gaining (13.3 lbs at ten weeks), you don’t actually latch the way all the literature says you’re supposed to.

Just the other day I discovered that if I squish your cheeks together, you’ll open your mouth really wide and stick out your tongue. Is this some variant of the rooting reflex? Most adorable and hilarious trick EVER.


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