dear ashelyn (3 months)

Posted on: 30 June 2012

Things you’re not doing:

  • rolling over *
  • grabbing at toys **

* It doesn’t seem like this has even occurred to you yet … you’re much more interested in trying to scoot forward.

** You do, however, grab at my hair. I understand why people get “mommy cuts” now. Speaking of hair, you’re shedding some. You might get that back-of-the-head bald patch after all. I’ve finally started shedding hair again too, SIGH. But no more than I’m used to, and maybe even a little less. I’ll miss those months of hair-free floors.

Things you are doing:

  • smirking, beaming, grinning
  • making faces of pleasure and consternation in your sleep
  • babbling *
  • sucking on your fists **
  • splashing during baths
  • trying to SIT UP ***

* You can be a real chatterbox.

** And occasionally gagging yourself on them. How, I have no idea … it’s not like you stick them very far in your mouth.

*** This is your newest obsession. It’s what you immediately start to do when we lay you on any slight incline – like in your pillow or carseat – tucking your chin in and curling forward. Sometimes you wobble around a bit and flop back … but if you’re successful, you’ll bend over and with a few twists and kicks end up on your tummy! You’ve got a good set of abs in that coconut belly!

You’re so soft and squishy – you feel like a marshmallow! And you’re definitely starting to feel heavy in my arms.


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