i stand corrected

Posted on: 1 July 2012

Did I say Ashelyn wasn’t rolling over yet? She must’ve heard me and thought, Oh yeah? I’ll show you, mama! because this morning, she flipped from tummy to back in her crib.

I missed it, actually. I was getting dressed. All I heard was a bump as her shoulder (lightly!) hit the side rails, and when I turned, she was pressed up against them on her back.

Naturally I was all, “HEY!”

“What?” Kevin inquired from the office, probably thinking something was wrong. Probably thinking I’d found a silverfish under the bed. (Those things are gross, and they show up in our house from time to time.)

“She flipped over!”

He came in, and when he scooped Ashelyn back onto her tummy she rolled over again right away – flop – just like that, effortless.

Of course, when we broke out the camera and tried to film it (yes, we’re lame that way) she wouldn’t repeat the performance.


1 Response to "i stand corrected"

[…] never did attempt to repeat the front-to-back flip after those two successes. However, you’re now rolling from back to front three-quarters of the way, with just an elbow […]

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