working out that immune system

Posted on: 8 July 2012

On Tuesday morning Ashelyn woke up with the snufflies and a bit of a cough. She was also sneezing gunk out of her nose. Her first cold! Poor baby.

It confirmed my suspicions, because over the long weekend she’d been fussier than usual. Which is still not very fussy. But enough for us to wonder if she was teething. (As she’s already biting on occasion, I sincerely HOPE NOT.)

Once the cold symptoms set in I expected increased crankiness, but instead Ashelyn mellowed down and was extra quiet all day. And extra sleepy, and extra hungry. Luckily, though her nose was stuffed up, it wasn’t so bad that it interfered with her feeding. So she ate voraciously and napped, and in between became very “attachment child” on us, not wanting to be put down at all.

I called our doctor’s office, but they weren’t open until the following day. We went in on Wednesday just to confirm whether it was a cold (it was).

We had a conference last weekend at church, so Ashelyn was around a ton of people. She’s popular and gets passed around a lot. Combine that with her newfound love of sucking on her fists and, well, hmmm.

We’re doing well, though. The coughing and sneezing subsided in no time. All that’s left is some snufflies. I never thought I’d be picking gunk out of my child’s nose, but here I am. And it’s oddly satisfying.

Because of her cold, I’ve postponed transitioning Ashelyn into the crib. Of course she would catch a virus just as I was meaning to do that. Sneaky little koala.

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