dear ashelyn (3.5 months)

Posted on: 18 July 2012

It’s been weeks since I’ve needed to change your diaper in the middle of the night! This has cut down our use of disposables to 1-3 a day, depending on whether we go out.

You’ve introduced us to the “tantrum cry.” I don’t believe you’re old enough to actually throw tantrums, but you do arch your back and flail your limbs to impressive effect.

Speaking of flailing, you can kick so hard it shakes the whole crib.

You get SO EXCITED at your reflection in a mirror.

You’re singing. When I sing to you, you chime in with a kind of half-hum, your brow crinkled in earnest concentration.

Sometimes in the middle of breastfeeding, you’ll stop, look up at me, grin and coo. You’re welcome.

You’re grabbing at soft, easy-to-grasp things like fabric. You’ve gone from sucking on your fists to grabbing the front of your clothes with both hands and trying to cram everything in your mouth.

Clasping your hands together is your new favourite thing. Coupled with your ever-increasing library of facial expressions, it looks like you’re delighted at something, pleading for something, or praying.

Not yet four months, and you’re outgrowing some of your 3-6 month sleepers and onesies. To quote a friend: “How can such a skinny person grow such a fat baby?” (Hey, I was a fat baby too.)

You never did attempt to repeat the front-to-back flip after those two successes. However, you’re now rolling from back to front three-quarters of the way, with just an elbow in the way of a full flip.


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