dear ashelyn (4 months)

Posted on: 30 July 2012

You’ve gone from this:

To this:

Over the course of this month you’ve flipped from front to back seven times, and back to front twice. “Tummy time” has you raising yourself up on your hands; elbows are so passé.

You’ll clamour for us to help you sit up and stand.

You’re totally curious about big people food. You’ve insisted on being held in our laps during mealtimes so that you can watch us eat. Sorry, bei, I’m totally not ready to deal with big people poop.

One evening the other week daddy was out late, so I called his cell phone and you left him an epically adorable voice message. The words were gibberish, of course, but the tones and inflections sounded eerily conversational. You deserve to be subtitled.

You play with your tongue, poking it out of your mouth for expressions that are extra squee.

You delight me.


2 Responses to "dear ashelyn (4 months)"

Big people poop is much easier to deal with… Haha. On Caleb’s cloth diapers anyways. I just flush them down the toilet.

That is GREAT news.

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