dear ashelyn (4.5 months)

Posted on: 15 August 2012

Your arm strength is catching up to your leg strength, that is, you now hit as hard as you kick, ow, what was that for? Your “SO EXCITED” flail turns you into a veritable dervish.

It’s a pain to change your diaper now, because you just won’t hold still. Instead you twist all around, threaten to roll off the change table, and stretch your legs out really straight so that it’s impossible to fasten the tabs properly. Next time around I’ll remember to appreciate how easy it is to diaper change a newborn.

You do this:

The body surf.

and this:

The push-up.

and this:

The butt-wiggle.

Seems like all the mechanisms are in place for crawling. As it is, you can scootch backward and swivel 180 degrees.

On the flip side (ha), you attempt crunches, but they’re more like chin tucks. Then there’s this:

Trying to reach for an off-frame iPod touch, hence the disgruntled look.

You’ve also discovered your feet! Of course, the first thing you do is try to suck your toes.

I’m gradually bringing out the toys people have given you, now that you reach for, swipe at, and grab things. You like to touch our faces, just no fingers up the nose, alright?

You’ve definitely said “mama” a few times now. Accidentally, though, so I guess it doesn’t count …

You’re down for the night earlier (yay) but also up for the day earlier (boo).


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