dear ashelyn (5 months)

Posted on: 1 September 2012

You’re all about the making of new sounds. Like the gurgle. And the fake cough when you want attention. (Why must you make such an irksome noise?) And daddy heard you say “mama” the other day, so it’s not just me!

You can resist sleep for HOURS. Eventually you’ll fuss and conk out. Sometimes you’ll do this singsongy sleepy babble before dropping off. Are you trying to convince us you aren’t tired? It’s not working.

You prefer to keep us in sight and may yell if we leave the room or otherwise move outside your range of vision. Lately this has applied in the car, too, in that you dislike being alone in the backseat where you can’t see anyone. Essentially you’ve kicked daddy out of the master bed and me out of the passenger seat …

You can be coy. Occasionally you’ll mess with people by refusing to make eye contact when you know that’s what they want. Instead, you’ll turn your face away and smirk. Once someone came to our door soliciting donations for an organization, but he seemed kind of nervous and new, and you kept smiling at him and throwing him off his lines.

The universe cannot contain this much happy so early in the morning.

It took multiple attempts to get a good video clip of you rolling back to front, because you’d do it so fast I couldn’t capture it in time.

You play with your feet during a diaper change. This is helpful for wiping, but not so much for putting diapers or pants on.

You’ll go several days without pooping, then one day with a number of poops. Earlier last month I think you were poop-less for a week. We were mildly concerned, except you weren’t showing any other signs of constipation or discomfort.

A month ago you were examining objects intently with your eyes, but the thought that you could touch them with your hands hadn’t really occurred to you. Now? You reach for everything – the walls, our drink glasses, tissue. And if some part of it fits in your mouth that’s where it’ll go next. If I’m wearing a necklace you’ll fiddle with the pendant. You have a pretty solid pincer grasp.

Om nom nom.

You stare in fascination when we play the guitar. And when I play piano with you in a sling, you’ll twist around and reach for the keys. You’ve also tried to remove my hands from the keys so that you can press them yourself.

We don’t have an exersaucer or jolly jumper, but you’d probably enjoy something like that because you’re bouncing up and down on your feet. Assisted pseudo-jumping, I call it.

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