a place for the poop

Posted on: 13 September 2012

After months of dawdling, I finally got around to ordering a potty for Ashelyn.

It’s the BabyBjörn smart potty, which took forever to find in an acceptable colour (ie. not pink or blue) at a distributor for which I had gift card credit.

Why a potty so soon (or, for EC purists, so late)?

Well, I’m reasonably certain I can catch 80% of Ashelyn’s poops. She goes relatively infrequently – every handful of days – so it’s not like I need to be on constant poop watch. Besides, she’ll grunt.

I have no idea when she pees. Our cloth diapers handle that perfectly well, though, so for the time being I’m not trying to catch those. I’m in a bit of a hurry to establish pooping in the potty because solid foods are just around the corner … and with that comes solid food poop. If I can spare myself some of those diapers, why not?

I know I’m not aiming for a pipe dream here, because Ashelyn successfully went in the potty on the very day we brought it home! Which necessarily precipitated this tweet, sorry, I couldn’t help myself:



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