dear ashelyn (5.5 months)

Posted on: 14 September 2012

You’re a squirmy worm, on the floor AND in our arms. You’re always drawing your knees up, twisting from side to side, undulating. You’ll periodically attempt to climb up my body while I’m holding you. This is kind of exhausting. Also, I don’t appreciate being kneed in the chest. Stop it.

The corollary is that you’re surprisingly mobile for a pre-crawler. I set up a playspot of those interlocking foam tiles for you several weeks ago, and have since had to expand it. Now we’re out of tiles.

We’ve moved on from “assisted pseudo-jumping” to, well, assisted jumping! Often on my stomach.

You really hate having your nose cleared. I have to sneak up on you with tweezers while you’re sleeping. It’s ridiculous.

You’re interested in the source of a sound and pinpoint them with ease. There’s an electronic alphabet book at your grandma’s place that your oldest cousin used to play with, one of those toys that plays music and talks at you in a radio-operator voice. Well, you ignored all the fancy light-up letters and honed right in on the unobtrusive speaker. And at a wedding last weekend you kept turning this way and that in daddy’s lap until you identified the nearest speaker, hidden up in the rafters of the ceiling. Then you settled down to stare at it. Said Kevin, “She found it.”

Soon after you were born, my cousin gave you a little teether toy, basically a stuffed bunny with rubber paws. You love this toy, except you prefer to chew on its ears, making them spit-soaked and gross.

Your sleep resistance has become so pronounced that you’ll be on the verge of dropping off, then suddenly jerk awake, like, HEY! I almost fell asleep! You tricked me!

Can we talk about that time on Monday when you fell off the sofa? Yeah, sorry about that. I didn’t know you could squirm free of all those pillows, and I ONLY TURNED THE CORNER FOR A MINUTE. I’m sorry there’s no carpet in this house. Luckily I haven’t been able to find any injuries, despite obsessively checking your scalp for head trauma after recovering from six heart attacks.

You’ve learned a new maneuver: the boob grab. You may also boob grab other women.

You love attention, and you love people, even people you’ve never seen before. We get a lot of, “That just made my day!” because strangers generally don’t expect babies to beam at them right off the bat. But you do.

2 Responses to "dear ashelyn (5.5 months)"

We have that caterpillar bib too! So cute!! Any tips on getting our 5-month old to sit up unassisted? – Ashelyn looks like she’s got the hang of it pretty well, but our baby shows absolutely no interest in sitting!

She still topples over sometimes, HAHA! I’m sure it’s one of those things that just clicks for them one day! Ashelyn would grab onto our (index) fingers and pull up into a sitting position; we’d help her balance that way too.

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