Posted on: 20 October 2012

Sometime over the past month or two we crossed into a new era. The simple days – of setting Ashelyn down someplace and expecting her to mostly stay there – are over. Now, if we leave her unsupervised for even a second, she may go kamikaze on us.


Crawling. It’s a true, hands-and-knees (sometimes hands-and-feet) crawl now. Understanding of physical laws, such as gravity, not included. Ashelyn would crawl straight off the edge of the bed if I let her. I’ve tested this.

Pulling up. She enjoys this even more than being mobile, possibly because it’s more hazardous. In addition to swan-diving out of the bassinet, Ashelyn has also face-planted from the crib while it was flush against the bed. That is, she face-planted onto the bed, no harm done, phew. Needless to say, it’s time to lower the mattress.

Cruising. There isn’t much at home to facilitate this, but Ashelyn manages to shuffle from one end of a piece of furniture to the other. Actually, she smashed into the headboard while doing this in the crib, so for a day afterwards it looked like she’d gotten punched in the eye.

Climbing. Not that we give her much opportunity to practice, yet. I prefer not going prematurely grey.

Walking? Not unsupported, no, but she can take steps while holding onto our fingers.

At the time, I didn’t know those early months were “simple.” One day I’ll remember these days as simple, too … one healthy child, sassy and spirited, too young to know deliberate disobedience.


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