dear ashelyn (7 months)

Posted on: 30 October 2012

Early this month, at a friend’s house, daddy was making you chase our old iPod Touch to and fro across the carpet. This was great entertainment for everyone, and soon you were surrounded by a ring of iPhones. After a moment of WHOA! MOTHERLODE! you went for the one with the camouflage patterned case. (To be clear, all the others were black.)

Bright, shiny objects catch your attention – jewellery, cell phone screens, faucets, the metal legs of the loveseat at grandma’s place.

You hate it when I sit in front of the computer. I’m thus in a perpetual state of being behind on my correspondence.

The sounds you make are freaking hilarious. There’s the scream, and the squeal, and the squeak. There’s the simba growl. There’s the mocking babble, just like the teen tuning out the nagging mother: Blah blah blah, whatever. (I promise not to be a nagging mother …)

I’ve noticed that you go, “Uuhn uuhn uuhn!” when you want to be picked up. You also started doing the outstretched arms thing this month.

You’ve got a nasty, all-fingers-at-once pinch. And a nasty habit of pinching the boob that feeds you.

You’re trying to stand on your own. Or you forget that you can’t quite do that yet, and you’ll let go of whatever you’re holding onto for support. Then you fall on your butt, and the shocked expression on your face is priceless.

On the solid foods front: tofu, papaya, and cantaloupe have been the biggest hits. You’ve also had avocado, broccoli, banana, zucchini, shiitake mushroom, bits of rice and noodle. You weren’t a huge fan of egg yolk or pomelo. Whenever we introduce a new food you make this sour gollum face, like, “What the heck is this?” but usually you’ll eat it anyway.

This month also marked your second cold. Most likely you caught it from daddy. It wasn’t really his fault, because even though he tried to be super careful, I wasn’t. I need an extra set of hands and eyes sometimes, alright? So I can do normal human things, you know, like shower. Also, antibodies. I have high hopes that you inherited the impenetrable Zhou immune system; you were only snotty for a couple days and well again within the week.

You like to mess with daddy by kissing mama but refusing to kiss him, eh heh heh. Instead, you’ll give him the hand. And smirk.


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