a tale of translink

Posted on: 20 January 2013

On Wednesday evening, I took Ashelyn on public transit for the first time. Earlier in the week I’d contacted a Craigslist seller regarding an Ergo baby carrier. I’d hoped to use it on the bus, but she didn’t get back to me in time. (That deal turned out to be a FAIL.)

So I took the stroller. We managed alright, but I don’t think I’ll be doing that again, and not because Translink isn’t stroller-friendly. (It is, more or less.)

Our stroller is a Graco hand-me-down, and the wheels are quite worn, making for unwieldy navigation. My primary complaint, though, is that its five-point harness comes apart into five separate strappy bits that must somehow be snapped together around a rambunctious nine-month-old who does not like being strapped into things.

Ashelyn tolerates being in the stroller … while it’s in motion. As soon as it stops, she wants out. So I pop her out once we board the bus, and we’re all happy campers. But then I can’t buckle her back in without two extra sets of arms (and, God forbid, a scene). So I’m stuck CARRYING her off the bus and pushing an empty stroller. With one hand. Making me even worse at navigating it than usual.

Once off the bus, I grit my teeth and wrangle said rambunctious nine-month-old back into the stroller. (Don’t give me that look, passersby. I don’t need your pity. Also, I’m older than you think!) Then we transfer to the skytrain, where the cycle repeats itself.

So I’m thinking, next time, no stroller. It’d be easier just to carry her. A sling might work, though probably better in weather that doesn’t involve poofy jackets. Then again, by “next time” she might be walking, which would totally solve this problem. Right?

I expected Ashelyn to get a kick out of public transit – at least I was right about that. One passenger expressed surprise that my girl stayed awake; when her own daughter was young the erratic motion of the bus would always lull her to sleep. But Ashelyn’s too busy making friends to think about sleeping.

I was usually the shy-bordering-on-timid kid, so I’m impressed that she’s such a social butterfly. Here I am, taking notes on her methodology:

1. Scope out a target – someone close by. The UBC student in the seat behind, the lady with the luggage, the high schooler who just got on, the man preoccupied with his phone. No need to be choosy.

2. Stare at him until he notices you’re cute.

3. When he looks your way, smile. Now you’ve got him. He’ll start making faces at you or talking to mama.

4. Keep laying on the charm. Babble. Tilt your head to the side. Wave. Bounce frenetically on mama’s lap. Squeak with glee.

Works every time. It’s never too early to begin collecting allies, after all.


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